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Truth Is… Just Fine!by Toneille Bent

Funny how quickly life can change.  Funny how quickly life can change you.  Even funnier?  How long it takes to undo many of those changes that took a split second to challenge every aspect about your BEing. A month ago, I was told that I had to have a biopsy as a mammogram showed two [...]

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5 Moves for Flat Abs Fast

Say goodbye to boring crunches and hello to flat abs with these five moves. 1. Weighted bicycle: According to a San Diego State University study, the bicycle is one of the most effective abs exercises you can do, and this weighted version will have your rectus abdominus working overtime. How to do it: Start lying [...]

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ES will be running along side News Anchor Kim Jackson as she runs this town…..Are you ready to get fit?  Let’s Go!!!  Join us, Newschannel 8′s Kim Jackson and the YMCA, as we complete our third annual couch to 5k training program! We’ve done, Run With Me, I Run This Town and now….. (drum roll [...]

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What to Wear to the Gym

More and more people are becoming determined to stay active – signing up for gym membership and charity marathons on a regular basis. Whilst this is a great way to stay fit and healthy, it does present another problem: what should you wear to the gym? Fortunately, the world of fashion has recognised the need [...]

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