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Abe Cruz is a middle class young American man who has slipped through the cracks during an economic recession, took desperate measures to survive and ended up in prison.

He has risen from his ashes like the Phoenix, less than one year out of prison and created a fashion line of clothing that speaks to his past and inspires others to follow the right path to their goals through faith. His story will be featured with his brother, Dave on Bravo’s “Millionaire Matchmaker” on October 13, 2011

He is the founder and CEO of Forever Faith, based in Los Angeles. It is a fashion line that Abe designed while serving a prison term of 3 and a half years in a Tulsa, Oklahoma prison. Like many in America he found himself facing insurance problems and daily expenses for his Mother and family, He made a wrong decision on how to resolve the issues. He realizes that there are many on the edge of desperate survival in our country today and came up with a fashion clothing line as a way to communicate his story, to inspire others to succeed the right way through faith. He calls it a “business plan in prison”, turning his negative situation into a positive solution for himself, his family, and all that will learn from his journey. “I made a huge mistake in my life and I am determined to turn this tragedy into a success in order to save people from making the same mistakes I did”, Abe says. His message and logo on the clothing to inspire the young and old is “If you don’t believe in yourself no one else will”, to help them believe that they can succeed in anything in life when they have faith. With this fashion line he is also helping to rebuild America by designing and manufacturing here in Los Angeles, in the United States of America, to create jobs here, not in foreign countries such as China. As a young athlete, he uses his physical training to keep his mental strength in balance and never give up. He is quickly becoming a folk hero and starting a movement to believe in yourself and keep your faith. With his brother David Cruz by his side, who also suffered personal and financial loss while Abe was in prison, they exercise a philanthropic goal to volunteer with foundations for the homeless, by helping to feed them, clean the streets, gift them clothes, and inspire them with his own struggles to success.

Abe tirelessly speaks out to young homeless athletes, and youth programs to encourage them to get and education and stick to their goals as athletes. He will give his testimony in October to a group of 8,000 people at Christian Victory Church, in Tulsa where he was incarcerated. He is crossing cultures through an interview on a Hispanic station, Estrella Television in Tulsa, and with his brother they share their story in a major segment of a documentary film, “Fashion and Culture in Los Angeles” to be released in early 2012, and will be on a NBC, 13 episode mini series on Fashion. Abe is grateful for his success and knows that his goal is to inspire others through “Forever Faith”. He says he is just beginning to give back and has many other revelations to share through mental, physical, and spiritual complete fitness. Stay tuned Forever Faith Clothing line will launch on October 13th. ES will be featuring their hot designs at www.foreverfaith777.com


Forver Faith Clothing at On The Corner Gifts Broken Arrow, OK




www.abecruz.com www.davidrcruz.com



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