What to Wear to the Gym

More and more people are becoming determined to stay active – signing up for gym membership and charity marathons on a regular basis. Whilst this is a great way to stay fit and healthy, it does present another problem: what should you wear to the gym?

Fortunately, the world of fashion has recognised the need for more active clothing, and there are now plenty of options available. If the thought of going into a sports shop fills you with dread, then don’t panic! A number of top fashion websites such as my-wardrobe.com already offer plenty of items which are perfect for wearing to the gym. The key is to know how to spot them.

What you’re looking for, primarily, is something which you will be comfortable in. You don’t need to have clothes with a sports brand on them in order them them to make great gym-wear. In the same way, there is no longer any excuse for wearing a baggy and faded t-shirt with tatty old leggings – there are plenty of fashion-forward clothes that are great for sports activities.

You should also look for something in which you can keep cool. If you’re buying clothes made of synthetic fabrics don’t forget to look for those which ‘wick’ away moisture. If you’re taking part in outdoor activities, then it’s a good idea to go for layers, as you’ll soon warm up once you get moving.

Once you have a few basic pieces, you can choose items which reflect your own personal taste and style, just as you usually would. When it comes to accessories, you should invest in at least one good quality pair of sports shoes, and a big gym bag to keep it all in. Soon you might just find that you enjoy shopping for gym clothes as much as your regular outfits!

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